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Having trouble getting a stubborn door to open? If you’re located anywhere in the region, Vinings GA Locksmith Store’s experienced locksmiths can help. We provide a professional door unlock service that is fast, reliable, and affordable. Our locksmiths can open jammed doors or doors with broken locks with little trouble.

How does our door unlock service work ?

Vinings GA Locksmith Store Vinings, GA 404-418-4276If you need a door unlocked, all you have to do is call us and explain the nature of your problem. We’ll then send a suitable expert team over to your location, armed with the tools necessary to handle the request on-site. We are a mobile locksmith, so we provide doorstep services in the region and it doesn’t generally take us more than 30 minutes to reach your location. We’ll then take a look at the problem door and attempt to unlock it for you. We sometimes need to drill open locks to get a door to unlock.

What kinds of doors can our locksmiths open?

If it has a lock on it, we can get it to open. Here are some of the most popular types our doors unlock service deals with:

  • Car doors and trunks: Have you been locked out of your car or car trunk? It’s a common problem in and around Vinings - our locksmiths will get you back inside in no time at all.
  • Home and commercial doors:  If you’re having trouble getting a door in your home or place of work open, our locksmiths can help.
  • Garage doors: We also deal with misaligned garage doors or doors that have faults with their opening systems on a regular basis.
  • Safes:  Is your safe locked and you’ve forgotten the combination to it? Hire our door unlock service to get back inside in no time.
  • File cabinets:  We can get your file cabinet open and then replace or rekey the lock on it.

Once we’ve got the door open, we can then try to ensure the problem never happens again by getting the lock fixed or the door itself replaced. We can replace home doors as well as garage doors, if the problem was caused by a misaligned or faulty door.

24/7 emergency availability

You can engage our door unlock service whenever you need it the most. We are available throughout the day and night. We charge the same rate for our nightly work that we do for day work, so you can hire us whenever you like.

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